Ants are eusocial insects of the family Formicidae. Worldwide about 13 000 species have been clasified, in Bulgaria there are 108. The ants live in nests and colonies with population from 10 insects to hundreds of millions.

Ants invasion in your home is quite unpleasent experience and if you have tried to solve the problem by yourself, you probably didn’t succeed. The sprays you bought from the local store, just can’t solve the problem.

We use the ants basic survival instincts in our advantage for successfull nests extermination. Professional insecticides for ants are in fact attractive bites, which ants take back in the nest and feed the larvas and the queen with them. When the queen dies, the whole colony dies as well.

Due to certain specifics of the ants and their colonies, the prices are negotiated after preliminary inspection of the affected area.

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