Apartment Buildings

Building basements and halls are main incubator for cockroaches, fleas and rodents. Most of the basements, especially in old buildings are warm and humid – the perfect conditions for insects and rats. Water pipes in the buildings are main highways for the roaches and they can easy access your apartment.

Basements and halls treatment will greatly reduce the insects population. Combined with treatment for the apartments, will ensure long period without any crawling insect.

We offer you professional treatment for your building and promo price for the apartments.

We deliver our services in convenient for you day and hour.

Prices shown in the table are for one treatment in building entrance and basements against crawling insects and rats.


  • Time for reaction
  • Free inspection
  • Certified insecticides

up to 8 storeys

59.00 BGN

  • within 48 hours

up to 15 storeys

89.00 BGN

  • within 48 hours

Private apartment

19.00 BGN

  • within 48 hours

* If you need treatment for your apartment, when our team is on place, the price will be 19 BGN, no matter the apartments space size.

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