Bed Bugs

Important thing in the fight against bed bugs is the early detection.

Treatment against bed bugs in homes and warehouses is more difficult, compared to other insects, because bed bugs can hide really good in different places and narrow slits (funiture, mattresses, cracks etc.).

That is why we use innovative treatment method, making sure we solve the problem in 100%. We dare to say, that we are the only pest control company in Bulgaria with the necessary technologies and methods for fully effective bed bugs fight.

We took the technology and the know-how from our partners based in Denver, Colorado.

The common methods used in Bulgaria are chain of many uneffective treatments, followed by many expenses from your side.

The insecticides we use in our work are approved by the Ministry of Health and the European Union.

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Prices shown in the table are for one treatment against bed bugs


  • Space size
  • Time for reaction
  • Free inspection
  • Certified insecticides

up to 40 m2

35.00 BGN

  • up to 40 m2
  • within 48 hours

40 to 70 m2

50.00 BGN

  • up to 70 m2
  • within 48 hours

70 to 100 m2

60.00 BGN

  • up to 100 m2
  • within 48 hours

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