Ticks Control

Ticks are seasonal pests, usually found in your yard. Ticks are dangerous insects, as despite the painful bites, they can carry harmful diseases.

It’s important to know, that for best results you need two consecutive treatments against ticks. The second treatment is required because of the ticks life cycle. The cycle has four stages: egg, larvae, nymph and an adult tick. Female insects can lay up to 4000 eggs for a period of 6-20 days before they die. The eggs hatch for about 20 days and this is when the second treatment takes place.

Prices shown below are for one treatment against ticks


  • Space size
  • Time for reaction
  • Free inspection
  • Certified insecticides

up to 1000 m2

50.00 BGN

  • up to 1000 m2
  • within 48 hours

1000 to 2000 m2

90.00 BGN

  • up to 2000 m2
  • within 48 hours

2000 to 3000 m2

130.00 BGN

  • up to 3000 m2
  • within 48 hours

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